Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamics of Metals

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Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamics of Metals
Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamics of Metals 81.jpg
Author Peter Graneau
Published 1985
Publisher Hadronic Press
Pages 311
ISBN 0911767371

Before Maxwell there was Ampere, and Ampere's equation for forces between charges is still the most accurate way of calculating those forces. As Peter Graneau shows in this groundbreaking book, the Lorentz formulation of electrodynamic laws is simply inadequate. Experiments by Graneau and others show that the century-long attempt to seat electromagnetic reaction forces in space itself must be in error: the reaction forces are always on the sources of action, contrary to the viewpoint of quantum electrodynamics. Read this book if you are willing to have your scientific preconceptions challenged!

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