An Alternative Approach to Quantum Projection

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Scientific Paper
Title An Alternative Approach to Quantum Projection
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Quantum Projection
Published 1998
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 11
Number 1
Pages 155-163


The projection postulate has recently been invoked to explain a new class of optical observations, the so-called interaction-free measurements. We reexamine the status of this postulate in light of a generalized reformulation of mechanics and point out several advantages of the modified formalism. Our principal theme is that enhanced parametrization of equations of motion can accomplish in a logically economical way what extra postulation and other accepted ?quantum measurement theory? approaches have never been able to do, to rid factual history of ensemble attributes having no basis in experience. The treatment of interaction-free measurements follows naturally, as well as a much-needed capacity of quantum theory to describe classical chaos.