An Alternative Picture of the Structure of Galaxies

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Scientific Paper
Title An Alternative Picture of the Structure of Galaxies
Author(s) Konrad Rudnicki
Keywords Gravitation; Elementary particles; Active Galactic Nuclei Cosmology: theory and dark matter
Published 1999
Journal None
Pages 31-48


We present some puzzling evidence about galaxies, such as their apparent motionless localization with respect to the cosmological rest frame, quantization of redshifts and the "fingers of God" phenomenon. We propose that these facts can be understood within the classical self-consistent multidimensional field theory with a dilation. In particular, some peculiar features of emission lines from active galactic nuclei can be explained in a natural way by assuming that dilantonic configurations are placed in central parts of AGNs. Moreover, dilatonic balls in the centres of galaxies may be responsible for recently discovered kinematical effects usually attributable to hypothetical massive central black hole. We suspect that the large-scale structure in the universe could be built upon dilantonic condensates. The presence of gauge fields around dilatonic configurations could make the resulting pattern static. Properties of intrinsic redshift in dilantonic theory (steepness of z(r) near centres of condensation and its domination over Doppler shifts) also make this model attractive from the point of view of the discordant redshift problem.