An Explanation of Gravitation outside General Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title An Explanation of Gravitation outside General Relativity
Author(s) Musa D Abdullahi
Keywords Electric charge, electric field, Coulomb\'s law, gravitation, relativity
Published 2004
Journal None


Bodies are composed of equal numbers or equal amounts of positive and negative electric charges from which electric fields emanate into space in accordance with Coulomb’s inverse square law. Mass of a body and Newton’s law of gravitation are expressed in terms of the number of charges constituting each of two bodies separated by a distance in space. It is proposed that electric fields from charges in a body are somehow bent, thereby causing small strains on charges encountered in another body, such that forces of repulsion are slightly reduced and forces of attraction similarly increased, resulting in gravitational force of attraction. While electrostatic forces of repulsion and attraction cancel out exactly, gravitational forces of attraction remain and manifest in accordance with Newton’s inverse square law.




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