An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy

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Scientific Paper
Title An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy
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Author(s) Paul E Rowe
Keywords ether, hydrogen, touching protons
Published 2006
Journal Infinite Energy
Number 67
No. of pages 3
Pages 33-35

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This paper includes reasons to suspect that vacuum is not a void, but rather a matrix of touching protons and unpaired electrons (possibly Bose-Einstein condensed hydrogen). Quotes are included from scientists, including Sir J.J. Thomson, that indicate hydrogen gas has been produced in and from vacuum. Quotes from Christiaan Huygens and James Clerk Maxwell demonstrate that their electromagnetic equations were developed assuming a matrix of touching material particles. Quotes from Albert Einstein indicate that in employing Maxwell's equations, he was unknowingly assuming the presence of a material ether. The techniques for producing hydrogen from vacuum (the ether?) require the input of considerable energy. Conversion of hydrogen into the matrix (the ether?) would produce considerable energy. Could the energy produced in lightning storms be the result of conversion of hydrogen in the water of moist air into ether under high voltage electrical discharge?