An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy, Part 2

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Scientific Paper
Title An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy, Part 2
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Author(s) Paul E Rowe
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Published 2006
Journal None
No. of pages 9

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Part I of this paper suggested that the knowable universe is filled with a concentrated matrix of protons and electrons, possibly Bose-Einstein condensed hydrogen. Such a matrix is consistent with the medium assumed by both Huygens and Maxwell in developing their wave equations. Conversion of the hydrogen atoms in water into this matrix (the aether?) would be expected to produce enormous quantities of energy and oxygen gas. Such a reaction may be the source of the energy produced in lightning storms. Perhaps high voltage discharge in the proper pressure of water vapor and in the presence of the proper catalysts would produce great excesses of energy. The paper gave a simple explanation for the forces between magnets separated by vacuum. The present paper includes evidence that the proposed matrix would be paramagnetic and, thus, would be affected by neighboring permanent magnets. The paper also includes a brief history of Bose-Einstein condensation.