Anti-Gravity Model of The Sun

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Scientific Paper
Title Anti-Gravity Model of The Sun
Author(s) Goran Mitic
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Published 2010
Journal None


Because of temperature relativity of a mass and anti-gravity force the hot-fusion is an impossible process in the nature. This fact once again open basic astrophysics question: how stars make energy? The Sun surface temperature is 3500-5500K. The Earth's lava temperature is about 4000K. The Sun is red-hot boiling liquid body made of heavy elements like the Earth's magma! The Sun makes emission energy by anti-gravity force which repels hot heavy-gas-molecules, worm them up,during acceleration, to millions of degrees and disintegrate them to protons and alpha-particles. We see them like H and He and think that the Sun is hot-gas body, made of it and making energy by hot-fusion. Correct data but wrong understanding.  

The Sun is much more effective producer of energy than we thought. That means the Sun is much older and will live much longer than we thought. The Earth and other planets are drops from the Sun, created by huge explosions on the Sun! The planet system is bar-code which shows us the life history of their mother star!