Application of Field Structure Theory to Fundamental Physics

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Scientific Paper
Title Application of Field Structure Theory to Fundamental Physics
Author(s) Don Briddell
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Published 2009
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Applying Structure Theory to fundamental physics begins with hypothetical action loops. From these are constructed the fractal hierarchy of forms that begin with the structure of the plenum (aether) from which particles and atomic structure emerge. Structure theory explains how, in precise terms, the properties of form at the Planck scale of 10-35cm interact to construct the hierarchies of form at all succeeding platforms of structure. Structural Skew Topology is employed to understand why energy and mass have definitive, non-arbitrary, bounded and limited relationships that have been found experimentally to be the properties of particles and fields. This topological geometry structures loop string theory to reveal how Nature decides what forms are real and what are unreal. In this way the estimated 10 500 possible ways a string can vibrate, as predicted by String Theory, is reduced to only those allowed by Nature.