Application of Thermodynamics of Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title Application of Thermodynamics of Cosmology
Author(s) Bernard R Bligh
Keywords Thermodynamics, Cosmology
Published 1999
Journal None
Pages 143-164


When cosmologists say that the Universe was at a temperature of 1010 K when it was one second young, they are making a thermodynamic statement. Temperature is a thermodynamic function. Cosmologists frequently apply thermodynamic equations wrongly and they have the erroneous belief that an expanding gas automatically cools down. The Hot Big Bang Theory stands or falls on its thermodynamic credentials. Cosmologists have entered the realm of Thermodynamics. This paper analyzes some of the thermodynamic arguments leading to the Hot Big Bang Theory and shows that the theory does not exhibit a valid energy balance.

Thermodynamic calculations are presented with the aid of a Temperature-Entropy Diagram for hydrogen and these calculations together with some graphs show conclusively that the Hot Big Bang Theory violates both the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.

An alternative version of the Hot Big Bang Theory that the cooling of the Universe comes about by expanding against the force of gravity ? is disproved by a theorem using the Thermodynamics of an isentropic expansion.

Proponents of the Hot Big Bang Theory are challenged to answer five questions.