Arguments for the Invalidity of the Minkowski's Physical Spacetime Idea in GTR

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Scientific Paper
Title Arguments for the Invalidity of the Minkowski\'s Physical Spacetime Idea in GTR
Author(s) Zbigniew Modrzejewski
Keywords Minkowski, spacetime, relativity, Einstein
Published 2011
Journal None


"O NATURACH CZASU" -- Few principal philosophical arguments and some empirical evidence for the invalidity of the Minkowski's physical  spacetime idea in GTR.  This paper received a positive review in 2011 from Professor Arkadiusz Jadczyk,  

Professor George F. R. Ellis, Mathematics Department, University of Cape Town, "Physics in the Real Universe: Time and Spacetime": "Issues of Ontology: The hidden issue underlying all this discussion is the question of the ontological nature of spacetime: does spacetime indeed exist as a real physical entity, or is it just a convenient way of describing relationships between physical objects, which in the end are all that really exist at a fundamental level? Is it absolute or relational? [...] a useful starting point for a fresh look at the ontological issue, and from there a renewed discussion of the degree to which our representations of the nature of spacetime are an adequate representation of its true existential nature."