Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present

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Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present
Author Hugh G Owen
Published 1984
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 170
ISBN 0521258170

Amazon review by Keith Wilson: The theory of Plate Tectonics is now taught as absolute truth. There are a number of alternative theories. One alternative is that the Earth is expanding in radius size. Hugh Owen believed this. As the head of the Department of Palaeontology of the British Museum he had access to the best ocean floor data and the skill to put it together in an understandible way. He has compiled meticulously detailed sets of maps here showing reconstruction of the Earth going back to 80% of its current radius. There are full world maps for a broad view. There are specific region maps of narrow areas (like the separation of N. America from Africa) that show the exact ocean age dates of expansion. Plate Tectonic theory accepts that the Earth expands at the mid-ocean ridges, but then the theory developed the assumption of "subduction" in 1967 to remove this expansion. Ocean floor drilling was not completed until the 1980's and it did not confirm subduction. The Pacific Basin was surprisingly found to be not far older than the Atlantic Basin (as was expected), but the same age. Dr. Owens ocean data uses the newer data from the 1970's and 1980's. While accepting some subduction, Dr. Owens also shows the need for some expansion and backs up his claims with clear, detailed, graphic evidence.


H.G. Owen's book describes how his attempts to reconstruct the continents in their prehistoric positions resulted in spherical gaps where there should be none. In an effort to resolve this problem he produced this atlas of the continents on a smaller diameter Earth which results in the spherical gaps disappearing.

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