Basics of Motion Reflection Theory (MRT)

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Scientific Paper
Title Basics of Motion Reflection Theory (MRT)
Author(s) Anatoly A Denisov
Keywords Motion, Reflection, Electron, Charge, Lorentz, Gravitational waves
Published 2006
Journal None
No. of pages 37


Here we set a rational theory of high velocity motion, which takes into consideration some effects, caused by its inadequate reflection by the environment and measurement instrumentation, the above-mentioned theory being entitled to replace the irrational and inadequate theory of relativity, which seems to be erroneous and contradictory to common sense.  In this work we:

  • Show the electric origins of mass, as well as of strong or weak coupling (interaction), and also of mass invariability in the process of motion.
  • Show the fallacy of relativistic energy and the inapplicability of the Lorentz transformation for the case of electrodynamics.
  • Give a description of a new electrostrictive field and its longtitudinal waves.
  • Show the impossibility of gravitational waves and the instantaneousness of gravitational data propagation.
  • Explain the nature of ball lightning, of the electron, of the neutrino, and define the mass of the latter.