Begging the Questions

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Scientific Paper
Title Begging the Questions
Author(s) Cynthia Kolb Whitney
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Published 2000
Journal Journal of New Energy
Volume 5
Number 2
Pages 56-63


In-physics we are sometimes confronted with situations that obviously raise some questions. But too often we just don't see the obvious questions. Accepted paradigms just blind us. This paper takes note of several example situations and the questions they obviously raise: 1) The "shell" structure of the Periodic Table of the chemical elements is not matched by the "radial quantum number states" offered by Quantum Mechanics. 2) Spectral lines are characterized in part by the so-called Rydberg factor, which involves the square of the naked nuclear charge, showing no effect of nuclear shielding by inner electron shells. 3) In some situations, like charges sometimes seem to cluster together, contrary to prevailing theories about electromagnetics. 4) The so-called "arrow of time" seems to conflict with the apparent time-reversibility of so many equations in physics. Some candidate explanations for such anomalies are developed within the context of simple Galilean, non-relativistic theory.