Bernard R Bligh

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Bernard R. Bligh
Bernard R. Bligh
Born (1931-09-26)September 26, 1931
Residence Middlesex, United Kingdom
Nationality English
Known for Thermodynamics, Big Bang, Cosmology
Scientific career
Fields Thermodynamics Researcher, Inventor, Lecturer

Bernard Ramsay Bligh has had a career partly in University teaching but mostly in industry. His depth in understanding Thermodynamics has come about by research and by his application of Thermodynamics to many industrial processes. He is a past winner of the British Cryogenics Council Prize jointly with R.J. Allam. At Oxford University, his first degree was in Chemistry and his second degree was in Low Temperature Physics. Bligh's research project was the design and construction of a helium liquefier. This operated for 22 years at the Clarendon Laboratory and it now has an honourable retirement in the British Science Museum (Wroughton). After Oxford, Bligh went to CERN, Geneva, where he installed a hydrogen liquefier. He did a part-time course in Astrophysics at Queen Mary College. London. He is the named inventor in numerous patents relating to refrigeration, gas separation, distillation and energy-efficient processes.


  • First degree, Oxford University, Chemistry.
  • Second degree, research in Low Temperature Physics, thesis ?Design and Construction of a Helium Liquefier?
  • Worked at CERN, Geneva, British Oxygen Company, ICI, Air Products Ltd.
  • Lecturer in Chemistry at Anglia College, Cambridge, and Kingston University, UK.
  • Filed 12 patents relating to the improved efficiency of processes such as distillation.
  • Research into the application of Thermodynamics to Astrophysics and Cosmology.
  • Continuing research into the electrical properties of the Sun and other subjects.