Big Breed Theory Recues the Big Bang

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Scientific Paper
Title Big Breed Theory Recues the Big Bang
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Author(s) Ron Pearson
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Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 9

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The collision breeding of opposed energies, from the void, provided all the big bang theory required. This happened long before that creative explosion of matter erupted. In this way the major false prediction invalidating the current big bang is resolved. As presently formulated the latter predicts a rate of expansion 10120 times too great! A fundamental feature of this supplementary theory is its prediction of the accelerating nature of expanding space. Credibility was gained by publication of the theory before discovery by astronomers in 1998: that the expansion of the universe is speeding up. Furthermore, worked out in detail, the theory provides a new way of interpreting red shift data from remote supernovae. This shows the true Hubble constant is less than half the currently accepted value Furthermore the Hubble law appears from the big breed theoretically and shows the expansion is accelerating. A surprising result is the shape of the predicted curve of red shift plotted against distance. This shows a rapid increase when nearing the growing edge of the universe. This appears to explain the observation of astronomers and their interpretation by ‘dark energy’. This explanation now has to be rejected.