Boscovich Open Letter

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Scientific Paper
Title Boscovich Open Letter
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Author(s) Roger J Anderton
Keywords Boscovich
Published 2012
Journal None
No. of pages 1

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The book, "Remarkable Physicists from Galileo to Yukawa," by Professor Ioan James, FRS, mentions names such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo. All these names can be recognised as having been mentioned in most University physics education courses, except one that of Father Roger Boscovich.
Of Boscovich's theory, he says, "This daringly original work, the mature expression of ideas that
Boscovich had put forward in a series of papers from 1745 onwards, was well known and influential for 150 years thereafter. Faraday, Clerk Maxwell and Kelvin were all interested in his ideas, as were many of the leading continental scientists of that period. That it should be so neglected today, at least in the western world, is ironic since Boscovich's ideas are in several respects in tune with modern thought."