Boundaries of Applicability of Special Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title Boundaries of Applicability of Special Relativity
Author(s) Neil E Munch
Keywords Special Relativity
Published 1999
Journal None


Einstein's special relativity (SRT) was based on assumptions of: a) kinematics, b) rectilinear motion at constant velocity v, c) constancy of light speed (his 2"<1 principle), d) compliance with Lorentz's transformation, and 3) satisfaction of experimental data of Michelson-Morley and of Doppler and electrodynamic effects. Kinematics presume no influence of forces such as gravity. Rectilinear motion and constant v preclude rotation or acceleration of any kind. Such an environment (no forces or accelerations from those forces) is found nowhere in our universe; so SRT is no applicable anywhere in our universe. Experimental results (such as Sagnac effects, mass increases and muon life times) are beyond SRT boundaries and hence inapplicable to SRT. Most remaining assumptions above are self-contradictory when viewed with precise notation and also inapplicable.