Breaking the Light Speed Barrier

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Scientific Paper
Title Breaking the Light Speed Barrier
Author(s) Joseph A Rybczyk
Keywords light speed
Published 2007
Journal None


More than ten years of research analysis involving the fundamental principles of classical and relativistic physics has convinced the author that an expanded theory of relativistic physics is now possible. Such expanded theory will integrate both classical and relativistic principles beyond their presently established relationships. To simplify treatment of the envisioned theoretical model and thereby facilitate understanding, the subject will be divided into a series of short papers, each focused on a specific aspect of the complete model. With that as the primary objective, the present paper will concentrate on the light speed barrier and show that although the barrier is real in one sense, it is false in another that considers all of the factors regarding the achievable speeds of objects undergoing acceleration. It will be further shown that, in principle at least, there appears to be no theoretical limit as to how many times the speed of light can be exceeded relative to any given frame of reference.