Brownian movements (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER')

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Scientific Paper
Title Brownian movements (According to \'Hypothesis on MATTER\')
Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords Brownian motion, Gravitational pressure, Kinetic theory of gas, Primary matter-particles, Hypothesis on MATTER
Published 2011
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 6


Currently, analyses of ?Brownian motion? are limited to its relevance to other scientific phenomena. Observed motion of a microscopic solid particle, suspended in a liquid, is attributed to assumed random motion of liquid molecules. This type of motion remains one of many assumptions of ?kinetic theory?. There is neither a logical cause nor a mechanism nor a known mover, acting on liquid molecules. Hence, root cause of Brownian motion remains a mystery. Aim of this article is to explain a logical mechanism for random motion of molecules (which causes Brownian motion) of liquid macro body, based on structural behaviour of its matter-particles, rather than to analyse observed motion and its significance to other phenomena. In free space (where a macro body experience no external influence related to other macro bodies), least dense matter-particles in a fluid macro body, settle at its centre and the macro body itself becomes spherical in shape. External pressure on a macro body reduces its size and thereby increases its matter-density and internal pressure. Internal pressure, within a macro body, acts as external pressure on its constituent primary matter-particles. Enhancement of external pressure on primary matter-particles enlarges their sizes and reduces their matter (and energy) content levels to lower their matter-density, as it happens during heating. In a fluid macro body, situated near a massive macro body, reduction of matter-density of its constituent primary matter-particles (corresponding to their location within the macro body) tends to produce convection current. This is the root cause of ?Brownian movement? of suspended microscopic solid particles in the fluid macro body. If no massive macro body is near the fluid macro body, there will be no Brownian movements in it. Phenomenon of Brownian motion takes place only on or near the surface of earth-like celestial macro bodies.