Call for a Repel of Physical Theories of the 20th Century

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Scientific Paper
Title Call for a Repel of Physical Theories of the 20th Century
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Author(s) Peter Sujak
Keywords Gravity, Inertia, Mass, Ether, Double slit experiment
Published 2016
No. of pages 27

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In this paper, the substance of gravity and inertial forces is debunked. The substance of mass is recovered. The nature of time in physics is revealed. The reality of the double-slit experiment is revealed. This paper shows that Quarks and Higgs boson hardly exist. This paper documents that, for past four hundred years, there is no distinguished physicist who would not have recognized the existence of the ether. It shows that filling the space of the Universe with swirling ether is all that is needed for the self-evolution of the Universe. It further provides an overview of the opposition of the physicists against the mainstream physical image of the world for the past hundred years. And finally, it documents the basic historical, philosophical and physical reasons for denial of the main physical theories of the 20th century.

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