Can Physics Help to Verify Other Evidence of Reincarnation?

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Scientific Paper
Title Can Physics Help to Verify Other Evidence of Reincarnation?
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Author(s) Robert F Beck
Keywords Reincarnation, DNA, Information (encoding & transmission), Plasma, Consciousness
Published 2012
Journal None
No. of pages 7

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Evidence has recently come to my attention in support of the possibility of reincarnation, including serious, long term, extensive research, by someone clearly respected in his field. This paper sets out this evidence and looks to physics contained in my recent papers and other studies for any further justification of the possibility. Death is a natural phenomenon; birth is a natural phenomenon. Scientific evidence strong enough to suggest a link needs to be investigated via further science, rather than by categorizing the subject via the unhelpful term, ?paranormal', the relevance of which is discussed, or worse still, by allowing religious belief to influence such categorization. Evidence is presented to suggest that in some cases, what has been termed ?paranormal' might be explained by simple physical processes at the smallest level.