Chaotic Climate Dynamics

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Chaotic Climate Dynamics
Chaotic Climate Dynamics 671.jpg
Author A Mary Selvam
Published 2007
Publisher Luniver Press
Pages 156
ISBN 1905986076

Atmosphere is a chaotic system. As such it is inherently unpredictable. The book applies chaos theory to understand and predict climate systems. Author presents a cell dynamical system model for turbulent fluid flows. The model envisages the irregular space-time fluctuations of the atmospheric flow pattern generated as a consequence of the superimposition of a continuum of eddies. The natural space-time variability is quantified in terms of the universal inverse power-law form of the statistical normal distribution. A range of possible applications of the cell dynamical system model for weather and climate system is discussed. The book provides a comprehensive reference material for scientists and academicians working in the field of atmospheric sciences and related topics.

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