Consequences of the Theory of Inflowing Space

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Scientific Paper
Title Consequences of the Theory of Inflowing Space
Author(s) John R Warfield
Keywords Inflowing Space, aether drag, arrow of time, Earth-centered Inertial Non-rotating Frame
Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 2
Pages 263-270


The purpose of this paper is to utilize the concepts demonstrated in my prior papers: "Comments on General Relativity", "A New Theory of Special Relativity Based upon The Higgs Field", and "Flowing Space [An alternative to Einstein's GR]" to develop other consequences. Six new consequences are described:

  1. Entrainment or Aether drag
  2. The Speed of Light at The Earth's Surface and The Michelson Morley Experiment
  3. Stellar Aberration
  4. The Center of Mass, The Center of Gravity and How They Relate to The Flow of Space
  5. The Arrow of Time
  6. The 'Rate of Time' and The Earth Centered Inertial Non-rotating Frame.

In order to comprehend this paper and its concepts, one must first read and understand my previous papers. The present paper utilizes the Theory of Inflowing Space to hypothesize the other new consequences, and explain other known observations in both cosmology and physics. Based on this new hypothesis, we will then reinterpret other known concepts. If these revised explanations are easier to understand, as well tied together by a common underlying simple principle, then this new inflowing space theory may indeed represent reality.