Cosmology: Gravitational or Plasma Physics or Both

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Scientific Paper
Title Cosmology: Gravitational or Plasma Physics or Both
Author(s) John C Beckerle
Keywords gravity, electromagnetism, fields, forces, plasma
Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 1
Pages 23


The GRT by Albert Einstein or Hannes Alfven's electric-magnetic plasma physics, which of these plays the biggest part in the dynamics of our universe? Hannes Alfven believed that electromagnetic forces should have a lot to do toward understanding cosmology because such forces are 48 magnitudes greater than gravitational forces. His close colleague Anthony Peratt, since Alfven died in 1995, continues to generate 3D plasma images by computer simulations that look like over 25,000 images scratched on rocks from all over the world. This seems to demonstrate that long ago people on earth saw these features in the heavens. We don't see them with the naked eye today, but astronomical images such as the Ant Nebula and many other optical, radio, and x-ray images taken these days are observed and some appear to be generated by electric currents of plasmatic fluids. Peratt has made computer simulations that have the appearance of galaxies and nebula. Moreover, there are many dynamical processes in astronomical bodies, even our sun, that do not seem to be explained as yet by gravitational theory. Do electric currents that generate magnetic fields play a much bigger role in cosmology than gravitational fields? This question needs recognition and an unambiguous answer!