Creation Solved?

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Creation Solved?
Creation Solved? 1460.jpg
Author Ron Pearson
Published 2010
Publisher Lulu Enterprises
Pages 264

This book offers a flaw-free alternative to the big bang. Flaws in the original logic and misuse of ?potential energy? are covered. The mechanics are applied to yield a new Big Breed theory of creation. Two kinds of particle, made of opposite energies, emerge from the void to both breed and mutually annihilate. The net result is a growing seething mass that develops and self-organises by the power of energy fed chaos. Then the universe of matter is deliberately created using abstract waves as we use numbers. This book shows how physics has lost its way in more detail. By restoring lost expertise from an allied discipline many vexed questions are resolved. The way ?opposed energies? have creative properties is explained and the effects on cosmology are summarised. Appendices describe Newton?s mechanics and give an introduction to the calculus. This book is an essential primer for introducing the maths for those wishing to study the derivations in the Quantum Gravity & Dark Energy Mystery solved books.

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