Dark Energy Tribe of fraud

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Scientific Paper
Title Dark Energy Tribe of fraud
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Author(s) Joe Alexander Nahhas
Keywords Dark, Energy, Fraud, Academic, DOE, Physics
Published 1980
Journal None
No. of pages 8

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Dark energy fraud started long time ago and it has an SI prefix index of Micro [Reines] then Nano then Pico and now stands at femto with femto chemistry and femto physics. Why it is fraud? Take an electron and let it flash inside a medium like bubble chamber and take a picture of it and few micro seconds latter take another picture and you will see a different size flash wave! Because electrons get delayed in mediums and they do not travel without diffraction and You say it is a different particle; then, get a Camera to take pictures with Nano speed and compare it with the micro speed picture and the damn thing is a new picture (execuse me particel). Then keep going to pico scale and then try something new so that Alfred Nobel institution does not get embarrassed to get a Nobel Prize for the same crooks ideas more than dozen times why not Alfred Nobel Institution not give the damn Nobel prize to Eygptian Ahmed Zewail in 1999. He is a Cal -Tech Club now! By now the word is so much in use everyone believe in crooks and their dark ways: See how Physicists decieved all and created few dozen High energy elementary particles  from visual effects using high speed scanners and different index of refractions mediums DarkEnergyCrooks@Dumb.USA.Congress.Gov