Demonstrating a Zero-Point Coherence

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Scientific Paper
Title Demonstrating a Zero-Point Coherence
Author(s) Moray B King
Keywords Zero-Point Energy, ZPE, Coherence
Published 1988
Journal None
Pages 4:1-13


The notion of a physical hyperspace frequently arises in modern physics. The zero-point energy can be modeled as an electric flux from the fourth dimension intersecting our three-dimensional space. It manifests as a turbulent, virtual plasma. The observation of self-organizational modes in plasmaa suggests experiments that may cohere the zero-point energy and produce corresponding gravitational anomalies. The suggested experiment uses sharply pulsed, bucking magnetic fields produced within a caduceus coil whose core is a plasma tube resonating in ht eion-acoustic mode.

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Tapping the Zero Point Energy, pp. 123-142 (1989).