Do We Need Nature?

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Scientific Paper
Title Do We Need Nature?
Author(s) Win Lambertson
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Published 2003
Journal Explore!
Volume 12
Number 4


Dark energy, vacuum energy or zero-point energy is an important part of the natural universe in which we live and is badly needed as a source of electric power in the world today. One method for collecting this energy is in the process of being funded, and will be part of a humanitarian fund for developing countries.

This article is about a recently measured source of energy in the Universe, named by astronomers as dark energy. It was formerly called vacuum energy. Astronomers have been searching for an understanding of the expansion of the universe, and have only in the past few years arrived at a method for measuring this expansion. The present understanding is that our Universe is made up of only five-percent solid matter. Dark energy is in fact the major part of energy in the Universe, at 65-percent, followed by dark matter at 30 percent. This article is about the search for a method to collect this vacuum energy and convert it into useful electric power. It is about an important part of nature and, of course, it is needed.

I recently saw a NOVA television program about astronomers? telescopic studies, and how they planned to develop a better understanding of our Universe. In it was a small excerpt by a famous physicist, in which he explained that the energy is there, and added ?that it cannot be collected.? As an individual who has witnessed the collection of this energy, which is known in the field as zero-point energy, I was appalled. Why did the authors of that program find it necessary to add that disclaimer?

I have my suspicions about an anti-zero-point (ZPE) energy conspiracy, and have had warnings about reporting on my own research. Reports have been published about the travails of Paul Brown in being harassed by agents of the United States government. An associate of Tim Thrap phoned me and told about their problems in being assaulted and thrown into federal prison for their ZPE method announcement. At one time The Economist was the leading general news publication on ZPE. In recent years they have avoided the field, and only in the last year have they published, referring to it as ?dark energy.?