Earth's Axial tilt 23.4392 degress illusion

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Scientific Paper
Title Earth\'s Axial tilt 23.4392 degress illusion
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Author(s) Joe Alexander Nahhas
Keywords Earth, axial, tilt, real. time, astronomy
Published 1973
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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Earth axial tilt of 23.4393 degrees is a visual illusion that came from three measurement errors. (1) circle cicumference in a rotating Earth. (2) Moment of inertia of a sphere (2/5) and index air of refraction n = 1.000293. The error is found in all astronomical data of past 500 years and found in all physics constants = (1/1.000293) sine Inverse [1/(2/5)(2 x 3.1415)] = 23.4393 degrees