Earth Expansion and the Prediction of Earthquakes and Volcanicism

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Scientific Paper
Title Earth Expansion and the Prediction of Earthquakes and Volcanicism
Author(s) Martin Kokus
Keywords earth expansion, earthquakes, volcanicism, prediction, tidal stresses, seismicity
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 327-334


This paper argues that the accuracy of earthquake prediction would improve rapidly if earthquakes were analyzed with an expanding earth model instead of the prevailing one. It describes patterns of seismic events that the present theory cannot begin to explain. These patterns are that similar seismic events tend fo reoccur at similar times in the sunspot cycle and/or similar positions of the earth, moon and sun which are not related to any maximum tidal stresses. It is then shown that the most dominant pattern is a direct consequence of earth expansion. This paper is not intended to be a rigorous treatment of seismicity on an expanding earth, but a largely qualitative discussion whose main purpose is to stimulte further research into methods of seismic prediction that are presently being ignored.