Einstein's Ether: D. Rotational Motion of the Earth

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Scientific Paper
Title Einstein\'s Ether: D. Rotational Motion of the Earth
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Author(s) Galina Granek
Keywords stationary ether hypothesis, nonstationary ether hypothesis
Published 2001
Journal Apeiron
Volume 8
Number 2
No. of pages 13

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[/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=389 Prof. Ludwig Kostro] is the most influential historian and philosopher of science who has written about Einstein's post 1916 return to the ether concept (1988, 1992). He has endeavored to show that (Kostro, 1988, p. 239): ?the notion of the ether was not destroyed by Einstein, as the general public believe.? In addition, Kostro showed (1988, p.238): ?Lorentz wrote a letter to Einstein in which he maintained that the general theory of relativity admits of a stationary ether hypothesis. In reply, Einstein introduced his new nonstationary ether hypothesis.?

In parts A, B and C I suggest a new view of the problem tackled by Kostro. I ask the following question: Did Einstein respond to Poincar? too when returning to the ether concept? In parts A and B I first introduce the problem by re-examining the problems that had been occupying Poincar? from Einstein's point of view.