Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?

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Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe?
Electricity or Gravity: Which Rules the Universe? 1202.jpg
Author Wallace Thornhill
Published 2009
Publisher Mikimar Publishing

Ebook of 17 (7.7 MB) pages crammed with Wallace Thornhill's content leading the reader through a series of steps involving challenges to some of the foundational aspects of the prevailing cosmology. These include the mass=matter assumption, gravity. the nature of light, catastrophism, the birth of planets and stars, and the nature of redshift and how that relates to gravity and mass. All of this treats the reader to a remarkable dissertation on the new cosmology. Thornhill's answers to major issues, questions, and problems are different but consonant with the facts and the EU paradigm. Contents

  • Electricity or Gravity? Introduction
  • The Search for an Answer
  • A Meeting with Velikovsky
  • Matter and Mass
  • The Origin of Mass in the Electrical Nature of Matter
  • What is Gravity?
  • Antigravity?
  • "Instantaneous" Gravity
  • The Real Nature of Light
  • Catastrophism's Weighty Problem
  • Order Out of Chaos?
  • The Changing Length of a Day
  • The Chaotic Birth of Planets and Stars
  • Cosmic Weight Gain
  • Decreasing Redshift = Weight Gain
  • Discussion
  • Notes and References

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