Eliminating Fallacies on Gravitational Effect

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Scientific Paper
Title Eliminating Fallacies on Gravitational Effect
Author(s) Bert Schreiber
Keywords Gravitation, Equivalence Principle, Mass Energy System, Mass Gravity System
Published 2005
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 2
Pages 187-189


There is only one force effect for gravity, pull. The source of this force is mass. Many current false beliefs, now promulgated as facts, will be eliminated. There is the singular static force for a mass. To measure or apply the effect takes two masses. The Gravitational Constant is an artifact and never should have come into existence in the first place. There are two systems that operate in the Universe; the Mass Energy System and the Mass Gravity System. The effect of inertia, and when it can be overcome, is shown. For mass, gravity end effects, Newton?s Third Law of Force and Motion, can be violated. This sets a limit to the Equivalence Principle (Feather-apple Paradox) and destroys the Strong Equivalence Principle.