Emanation of Matter - Creation of Water

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Scientific Paper
Title Emanation of Matter - Creation of Water
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Evolution, Involution, Photon-electron dynamics, Pair Production, 186-ether, Twin mass
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 10

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Water arises from the clustering of millions of light particles called Rydberg photons. Light particles or photons arise from a 186 two mass body. One 186-ether turns into photons and the other 186-ether acts as a seed nucleus. A quantum of photons clustered together is tangible matter. Pair production is a reversible process in the changing texture of matter. The seed 186-ether is electric elementary charge that can pulsate to the limits of an electron radius. 186-ether comprises the fabric of the etheric sea. Water is light with a particular texture. Water emanates from light.