Energy: Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices History and Current Status of Developed Free Energy Devices

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Energy: Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices History and Current Status of Developed Free Energy Devices
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Author Dan A Davidson
Published 1989
Publisher Rivas Publishing
Pages 121
ISBN 0962632104

The ideas of "Free Energy" are fast becoming a reality to a small body of dedicated researchers who have discovered new and rediscovered old methods of tapping into the free energy structure of the universe. All the major world powers are quietly working on free energy concepts. Free energy research is alive and well in the USA., Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Russia. Evidence is mounting that free energy is a very big reality and new theories are being propounded as well as old theories being dusted off and revamped. The research contained in Mr. Davidsons book would be of interest to anyone interested in energy and finding out about these startling new yet old concepts. The book contains a plethora of good hard facts that are an excellent source to those interested in free energy whether from an armchair physicist or laboratory experimenter point of view. The book covers the free energy researchers back as far as 1680 with such noted devices as Johann Bessler's magical wheel, Keely's aetheric disintegrator, Moray's radiant energy device, Tesla's ideas and many others.

John Keely's aerial propeller (anti-gravity device), and verification of the frequencies to break down water to sub-atomic levels are discussed in great detail. Also included is an interesting chapter on energy from shape power. Another chapter is on Walter Schauberger's 100,000 watt Zokwendle. New light on T. Henry Moray's radiant energy device that was demonstrated to output 60 kilowatts directly from the cosmic rays.

Free energy from whistlers is discussed in detail with the actual patent drawings depicting the techniques to tap enough energy to run a house or automobile. There are also chapters on magnetic motors, orgone energy and detailed histories of the various free energy inventors and how they were suppressed and stopped from putting out their breakthrough inventions.

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