Ether-Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity Control

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Ether-Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity Control
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Author Rolf Schaffranke
Published 1977/1986/1996
Publisher Rho Sigma / Adventures Unlimited Press
Pages 108
ISBN 0932813348

Rho Sigma's classic book on Anti-Gravity and Free Energy is back in print!  First published in 1977, this ground-breaking book delves into the Internationla efforts at gravity control and discoid craft propulsion.  Before the Quantum Field was the "Ether."  In the Quantum Field or Ether Field of Physics, energy is all around us.  Energy can theoretically be drawn from a Unified Field of Magnetism, Electricity and Gravity to propel a spacecraft through space.  Rho Sigma explains how the technology already exists to control gravity and takes us throu8gh the world of Ether-Vortex-Turbines, T. Townsend Brown, Searl Discs, Electric Wind, German anti-gravity research, and more.  Rho Sigma also delves inot prophecies of coming earthchanges and how "Ether Technology" may help in this period of change.  Former astronaut Capt. Edgar D. Mitchell, Ph. D. has written the forward to the book, "A Change of Conciousness."  Don't miss this informative book on the "New Science" that is sweeping the world! - back cover

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