Evidence For Weber-Wesley Electrodynamics

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Scientific Paper
Title Evidence For Weber-Wesley Electrodynamics
Author(s) Paul Wesley
Keywords Weber-Wesley electrodynamics, electromagnetic radiation, antenna, velocity
Published 1989
Journal None
Pages 289-343


Weber-Wesley electrodynamics predicts all of the usual results of the Maxwell theory including electromagnetic radiation. It also predicts results where the Maxwell theory fails or is not applicable:

  1. the force on Ampere's bridge in agreement with the measurements of Moyssides and Pappas
  2. the tension required to rupture current carrying wires as observed by Graneau
  3. the force to drive the Graneau-Hering submarine
  4. the force to drive the mercuty in Hering's pump
  5. the zero self-torque observed by Pappas and Vaughan on a Z-shaped antenna
  6. the localized unipolar induction observed by Kennard and Muller
  7. the result of Kaufman's measurement of e/m without mass change with velocity
  8. a nonradiating hydrogen atom, and
  9. the fine-structure splitting of hydrogen-atom energy levels without mass change with velocity.

It is concluded that there is, thus, no evidence supporting mass change with velocity. Experiments are suggested.