Exotic Material as Interactions Between Scalar Fields

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Scientific Paper
Title Exotic Material as Interactions Between Scalar Fields
Author(s) Glen A Robertson
Keywords Exotic Material, Interactions, Scalar Fields
Published 2006
Journal Progress In Physics
Volume 2
Pages 24-30


Many theoretical papers refer to the need to create exotic materials with average negative energies for the formation of space propulsion anomalies such as ?wormholes? and ?warp drives?. However, little hope is given for the existence of such material to resolve its creation for such use. From the standpoint that non-minimally coupled scalar fields to gravity appear to be the current direction mathematically. It is proposed that exotic material is really scalar field interactions. Within this paper the Ginzburg-Landau (GL) scalar fields associated with superconductor junctions is investigated as a source for negative vacuum energy fluctuations, which could be used to study the interactions among energy fluctuations, cosmological scalar (i. e., Higgs) fields, and gravity.