Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2A

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Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2A
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Author Paulo N Correa, Alexandra N Correa
Published 2004
Publisher Akronos Publishing
Pages 265
ISBN 096890601X

In volume 2A of their ground-breaking work, Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa embark on an experimental journey of discovery of ambipolar radiation. This leads them from a re-examination of the photo-electric effect, to a new model of the photon, and the differentiation of two types of electricity: massbound (or monopolar), and massfree (or ambipolar).

This first part of the Second Volume of Experimental Aetherometry lays the foundations for the discovery of a new form of energy - longitudinal massfree ambipolar radiation - that has, for over a century and until this work, been thoroughly confused with electromagnetism, eluding analytical isolation by the methodology of accepted physical theory.

The Volume opens up with the Correas' discovery of the photo-induced arrest of the spontaneous electroscopic discharge. This is a stunning confirmation of the Correas' proposed distinction between two different types of blackbody photons, with very different physical, chemical and biological effects. By applying the novel methodologies they pioneered to the allotropic cycle of the terrestrial atmosphere, the authors lay the basic groundwork for the new discipline of "aetherochemistry", and distinguish it from both radiochemistry and photochemistry. They also balance, for the first time, the enthalpy of the atmospheric cycle of ozone, oxygen and water. At the core of the present Volume, the reader will be engaged by an entirely novel physico-mathematical investigation of the relations between the electromagnetic field, the gravitational field, and the two main forms (electric and nonelectric) of the dynamic Aether - ambipolar radiation ("Dark energy") and latent heat. This leads to a surprising encounter between aetherometric science and natural philosophy (the thoughts of Spinoza, Leibniz and Deleuze in particular) on the one hand, and to a new, unsuspected conjunction between the natural researches of Tesla and Reich, on the other. An initial approach is also made to redefining the basic functions of the theory of electricity. The role of secondary superimposition of aether energy in the creation of Matter, and its essential functions in the generation of the gravitational field, in aetherochemical cycles, in emission phenomena and in the electroscopic kinetoregenerative phenomenon, are also introduced, along with their conventional or experimental evidence.

The Volume ends with a long study which, for the first time, physically and analytically identifies Tesla radiation as massfree, longitudinal, ambipolar energy, and links up with the problematics of Reich's investigations of orgone energy using radiation counters, Tesla coils and antennas. The findings clearly demonstrate that what Reich meant by massfree orgone energy (and, also, by DOR energy) can only be identical to what Tesla meant by longitudinal electric wave energy or Aetherometry means by ambipolar radiation. However, the experimental and analytical tools that both Reich and Tesla lacked and sorely needed to establish the distinct reality of this energy could never have come to fruition other than through Aetherometry and its box of tools. This will lead, in the next Volume, to the complete identification of the ambipolar continuum and its spectra, along with a complete physico-mathematical treatment of massfree ambipolar energy.

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