Experimental Verification of Superconducting Self Propulsion

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Scientific Paper
Title Experimental Verification of Superconducting Self Propulsion
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Author(s) Athanassios A Nassikas
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Published 2012
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 9
No. of pages 3
Pages 388-390

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The object of this paper is to describe the experimental verification of a self-propulsive force created by means of a superconducting device. This device is a converging nozzle made of a superconductor like YBCO and two permanent magnets, acting as a self-propulsion mechanism with direction towards the converging area. This device is activated when it is immersed within a coolant as the liquid nitrogen. The force is measured through the slope of a pendulum created by the device mentioned hanged by means of a string from a constant point.