Facts and Speculations in Cosmology

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Facts and Speculations in Cosmology
Facts and Speculations in Cosmology 799.gif
Author Jayant Vishnu Narlikar, Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge
Published 2008
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 296
ISBN 0521865042

A thought-provoking insight into the evolution of cosmology for undergraduate students and general readers, this book shows that the mystery of the origin of the universe is far from being solved. Cosmology has advanced over time through observational evidence as well as a lot of speculation. In this historical approach, the authors argue that the speculative element has become a dominant part of modern cosmology. They show how assumptions have been made and portrayed as confirmed facts. This unique book gives not only a critical assessment of the big bang theory, but presents a host of anomalous observations, and puts forward an alternative, controversial theory on the origin of the universe. A non-mathematical account, it contains analogies from everyday life so that readers can understand the concepts easily and follow the arguments presented.

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