Giuseppe Cannata

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Giuseppe Cannata
Born (1923-11-23)November 23, 1923
Residence Italy
Known for Ether, Relativity

Giuseppe Cannata was born in Acireale, November 23 1923. He graduated in physics (1949). Prof. Ordinary, and then Dean of Physics and Electrical Engineering at the Ist. Tecn. Watercraft of Trieste and Palermo. Assistant Professor of Physics II (Engineering) and Prof.. Instructed Physics (Engineering) at the University of Palermo, from 1966 to 1994.


  • Physics - Electricity and Magnetism (pp. 454, Palermo 1973)
  • Electromagnetic Waves (pp. 15, Palermo 1980)
  • The Ether, This Unknown - Relativity and Electromagnetism (pp. 103, Palermo 1981), which supports the existence irrepressible light. Basic inconsistencies of relativity are restricted.