Global Models of the Expanding Earth

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Scientific Paper
Title Global Models of the Expanding Earth
Author(s) Klaus A Vogel
Keywords global models, expanding Earth, Pangaea, diameter, transparent spheres, continents
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 281-286


The theory of Earth expansion starts from the assumption that "Pangaea" covered completely the surface of an earth with approximately 55% - 60% of the present diameter. By growing volume of the earth due to endogenic processes this continental crust broke to pieces and the widening gaps developed to the oceans of today according to the pattern of seafloor spreading.

With the help of several global models a reconstuction of this small earth is presented. Globes with growing diameters are enclosed within transparent spheres of the modern earth (globe-in-globe model) to compare the starting positions with the present situation. In general the continents are fixed at the extensible substratum, maintaining their positions to each other. The movements are mainly determined by radial outward pressing of the continents.

Finally this process is shown at geological globes (diameters 85 cm and 54 cm) with more accuracy and clearness.