Gravity Reversal and Atomic Bonding

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Scientific Paper
Title Gravity Reversal and Atomic Bonding
Author(s) David Tombe
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Published 2006
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 7


Most students of physics and chemistry are familiar with the law that ?Like Electric Charges Repel'. It will now be proposed that in the case of negative electric charges, that this mutual repulsion can be explained by a mechanism involving centrifugal force acting laterally between solenoidal field lines in the polarized electric sea, and that this mechanism is overriding an underlying hydrodynamical force of mutual attraction. Aether hydrodynamics tells us that sinks should mutually attract each other. If we equate negatively charged particles with sinks, this will explain both gravity and atomic bonding, providing that we assume all atomic and molecular matter to contain a net negative charge. There will hence be two opposing forces acting between negatively charged bodies. There will be a hydrodynamical force of mutual attraction and a polarization force of mutual centrifugal repulsion. If the repulsive centrifugal mechanism is dominant at close range, a graph demonstrating the sum of these two forces will have the exact same shape as the graph that illustrates the inter atomic bonding force. There will be a mutually repulsive force at short range and a mutually attractive force at long range that tapers off towards zero.