Heavy-Water-Arc Gun for Impact Fusion

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Scientific Paper
Title Heavy-Water-Arc Gun for Impact Fusion
Author(s) Neal Graneau
Keywords heavy-water-arc gun, impact fusion, nuclear fusion energy
Published 1992
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 3
Number 4
Pages 63-65


The paper considers the prospect of generating nuclear fusion energy with D-D reactions by direct impact and collision of heavy water droplets fired from water-arc guns. D2O-cluster impact fusion has already been demonstrated to occur at relative velocities of the order of 100 ks/s. With the help of experiments and the momentum equation of electrodynamic launchers it is argued that the water-arc gun is capable of accelerating a 0.1 g heavy water mass to 100 km/s. This depends on the water-arc explosion being driven by electrodynamic forces and not by steam pressure. An experiment is outlined which proved conclusively that steam was not a factor in the operation of the water-arc gun.