Hector A Munera

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Hector A. Munera
Hector A. Munera
Born (1943-10-16)October 16, 1943
Residence Bogota, D.C., Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Known for Michelson-Morley experiment, Gravity anomalies, Cartesian classical mechanics, Allais Effect
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics

Hector Augusto Munera Orozco graduated as a Chemical Engineer in Medellin (Colombia), and obtained a M.Sc. in Radiation Studies (U. Surrey, England) and M.Sc. in Operational Research (U. Nacional, Bogota). He worked for eight years at the Institute for Nuclear Affairs in Bogota, doing experimental nuclear physics, and radioisotope applications. He went to the U. California at Berkeley for a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and was caught by the swirl of the nuclear risk controversy, spending fifteen years doing research on the foundations of decision making. His postdoctoral work was at ETH-Zurich, the institution where Einstein studied. By the late eighties he was convinced that the concept of macroscopic probability has to be causal, and returned to physics, to explore such nonconventional possibilities. By 2013 he is completely convinced that the physical world is causal, and at the most fundamental level is formed by massive extended particles in motion. During 2003-05 he repeated in Bogota the Michelson-Morley experiment in a stationary setup, obtaining residual signals (after substracting environmental effects) that are periodic, contrary to Einsteinian predictions. On the occassion of the 100th birthday of Maurice Allais, Munera edited the book "Should the laws of gravitation be reconsidered?". Currently he is developing a Le Sagian Model for gravity, and preparing his next book in physics: "Neo-Cartesian  Mechanics and Le Sagian Gravity".


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  • 1997 - "[[Magnetic Potentials, Longitudinal Currents, and Magnetic

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