High and Low Strength Forces in our Universe

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Scientific Paper
Title High and Low Strength Forces in our Universe
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Author(s) Carl R Littmann
Keywords gas-like ethereal pressure, spinning proton
Published 2006
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 3
Number 1
No. of pages 4
Pages 131-134

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We note in our Universe vastly different strength forces, ranging from the strong nuclear forces to the weak gravitational. We theorize that in each case the material density involved determines the limiting steady force. Thus, nuclear forces are stronger than gravitational by a factor (10^+38) because nuclear densities are roughly (10^+38) times denser than the 'thin' aether in space! We assume that a great gas-like ethereal pressure exists to hold the spinning proton together, and we calculate it, i.e., about 10^+33 (newt/sq. m). We postulate a 'spinning aether ball' with a circumference equal to the Bohr hydrogen atom, and with a spin angular momentum roughly equal to the proton's. From all that, we calculate aether's very low density, about 10^-20 (kgm/cu.m). That is roughly equal to the vacuum in space between planets. That is, indeed, about (10^-38) less dense than a proton's nuclear density. We speculate that elementary particles wiggle at roughly the velocity of light. And that causes a moving Bernoulli equation-related 'aether-space constriction'; and suction to arise between them, (i.e., Gravity)!