How the Ether Replaces Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title How the Ether Replaces Relativity
Author(s) William R Jones
Keywords ether, relativity, particles, cause and effect
Published 1987
Journal None
Pages 66-82


An infinite yielding energetic tangible luminiferous ether, composed of minuscule particles moving rapidly in translation and spin and interacting at the surface of the elementary particles, exists and provides literal cause and effect mechanisms replacing the unreal constructions of relativity.

In searching for ordinary understanding of physical nature, current theory is of no help. The sum and substance of relativity consists of time dilation and curved space, subverting the two absolute fundamentals needed as a basis for understanding. And quantum theory, a subject not under the current scope, provides only description, with what explanation is essayed, e.g., the photon theory of light, meson exchange, and above all the uncertainty principle, altogether lacking in rational explanation.