Hypothesis on MATTER

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Scientific Paper
Title Hypothesis on MATTER
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Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords Unified theory, steady state theory, quantum of matter, space, energy, mass, inertia, work-done, creation of matter, fundamental particles, light, gravity, photon, biton, hexton, positron, electron, t
Published 2010
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 10

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?Hypothesis on MATTER' is a revolutionary new concept, which explains all physical phenomena based on just one type of (postulated) basic particle - the Quantum of matter. Conception and development of this model is founded on the conviction that there can be only one type of basic entities. They provide substance and create all other real entities in nature. All (apparent) interactions and diverse properties of superior entities are logical developments from inherent properties of the (postulated) quanta of matter. Quanta of matter, by their natural interactions, creates and structure all other entities including an all-encompassing medium. A wide array of physical phenomena are explained in the book [1]; from the origin of 3D matter to gravity and subatomic interactions to cosmological events, based on the simple mechanical interactions of quanta of matter. There is no more any need to envisage ?actions at a distance' or to invoke irrational assumptions like diversity of natural forces, mass-energy equivalence, duality of light or constancy of its speed, dual nature of electric charge, singularities, big bang, etc. This new concept will radically alter our understanding of the physical universe and at the same time, explain complex physical phenomena with simple ?Cause and Effect' relationships.