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[[Category:Scientific Paper|ion jets fifth state matter]]
[[Category:Scientific Paper|ion jets fifth state matter]]
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[[Category:Electric Universe|ion jets fifth state matter]]

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Scientific Paper
Title Ion Jets in the Fifth State of Matter
Author(s) L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy, Eric W Crew
Keywords electric filamentary state, fifth state of matter, ion jets
Published 2002
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 33
Pages 5-10


Matter exists in several states: (1) solid, (2) liquid, (3) gaseous, (4) plasma, and (5) electric filamentary. Plasma, matter at very high temperatures, is comprised of approximately equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles, so it does not produce a strong circumferential magnetic field or form filaments. The fifth state of matter consists of very high energy, nonthermal particles with an electric charge of mainly one sign: positive or negative. These particles move as an electric current, and the resultant magnetic field compresses the matter in the discharge channel, forming one or more filaments, like lightning in the earth's atmosphere. ? Eric Crew